Spread the cash, er, I mean love

by Suw on May 8, 2005

My good friend Mooc, or Michael O'Connor Clarke as he's also know, (and yes, I know that should spell MOCC, but MOOC suits him better), is looking for a job. If you know anyone who wants to hire a flack, please consider Mooc. I can attest to his infinite knowledge of flacking, his good character, his sharp wit, and his kindness. And he's a great for a good chinwag.
Please note: I am not being paid to say this. Yet. I'm hoping for a percentage, though.
Whilst I'm at it, I could do with more paid work too, as could Shelley, apparently. What is it with blogging and being broke? Are the two so intimately entwined? I wonder what a survey of the blogosphere would throw up? I have long suspected that those who are happily employed feel less urge to blog, although a suddenly silent blog usually implies too much work or some other crisis. I know I've felt less inclined to blog whilst wading through armpit-deep shit, but that should at least be over soon.
You know, if I ever became suddenly rich, I would start a Research Institute for the Terminally Curious, which would be a philanthropic centre for extra-academic research and poking about. I'd give grants to interesting people with just the remit to go forth and do stuff. The world needs more philanthropy.

Anonymous May 9, 2005 at 5:20 am

Oh, my, could I use work. Although I don't think funding and blogging are mutually exclusive. Joi seems to be doing fine.

Anonymous May 9, 2005 at 5:44 pm

I also could use a job. Currently without Internet access because of a dispute with the ISP; new ISP connecting me some times next week. Please say hi for me to everyone on #JoiIto and #SuwCharman. //Q-FUNK

Anonymous May 9, 2005 at 6:33 pm

Research for the Terminally Curious- love it!! Nothing like random bits of info to get a person going

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