Friday, May 27, 2005

I was right

by Suw on May 27, 2005

The sandals are shit. The strappy straps don't stay strapped. They are going back to the shop tomorrow.

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Woke up preternaturally early this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. One of the side-effects of summer, I suppose. All that light.
Anyway, on this trip to London I'm staying with Sam, an old school friend, and Mark, her husband. They live in Teddington, on the banks of the river Thames, and have a little boat which we took out last night from Teddington up to Richmond. Unfortunately, there's no public mooring in Richmond, so we had to come all the way back again before getting in the car to go back to Richmond for dinner.
The boat trip was way fun!! And I got to drive! Which was weird – boats are terribly unresponsive things, and when you think it should just go in a straight line it hits a current and goes somewhere else completely. I can totally see the attraction of having a boat though – it's so peaceful and calm out on the river.
Be interesting one day to take it down to London – we could go as far as the Thames Barrier in it, but no further, but I think that's as far as you would want to go anyway.

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