Argleton: A story of maps, maths and motorways

ArgletonArgleton is a novelette that I wrote in 2010. Through the magic of Kickstarter, I turned it into a self-publishing project, producing paperbacks and hand-bound hardbacks for supporters.


Matt is fascinated by the story of Argleton, the unreal town that appeared on GeoMaps but which doesn’t actually exist. No one knows how the mistake made its way into the most widely used map in the world. Accusations that it was a ‘copyright trap’ intended to catch out businesses using the map data without paying for a licence are vigorously denied. GeoMaps promises to remove the anomaly but yet, it persists.

Finally, Matt can resist no longer. He persuades his friend and flatmate Charlie to drive them both down to to find the non-existent town. And when they are standing on the very spot, at the exact longitude and latitude that defines Argleton, Matt sets in motion a chain of events that will take him places he didn’t know existed… and which perhaps don’t.

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Argleton has had a couple of reviews already:

  • Beth Dunn, who described it as a “a beautiful, beautiful handmade book”.
  • Fiona Campbell-Howes, who said of the story, “far more accomplished than I expected, nipping along at an engaging pace and weaving all kinds of geeky concepts – memes, trolls, copyright traps, smartphone apps, geolocation, data mashups, crowdsourcing, alternate reality games – into an absorbing and satisfying story that really made me feel as if I was there with the main characters.”

You also can read the reaction from people on Twitter.

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