Sunday, May 8, 2005

Spread the cash, er, I mean love

by Suw on May 8, 2005

My good friend Mooc, or Michael O'Connor Clarke as he's also know, (and yes, I know that should spell MOCC, but MOOC suits him better), is looking for a job. If you know anyone who wants to hire a flack, please consider Mooc. I can attest to his infinite knowledge of flacking, his good character, his sharp wit, and his kindness. And he's a great for a good chinwag.
Please note: I am not being paid to say this. Yet. I'm hoping for a percentage, though.
Whilst I'm at it, I could do with more paid work too, as could Shelley, apparently. What is it with blogging and being broke? Are the two so intimately entwined? I wonder what a survey of the blogosphere would throw up? I have long suspected that those who are happily employed feel less urge to blog, although a suddenly silent blog usually implies too much work or some other crisis. I know I've felt less inclined to blog whilst wading through armpit-deep shit, but that should at least be over soon.
You know, if I ever became suddenly rich, I would start a Research Institute for the Terminally Curious, which would be a philanthropic centre for extra-academic research and poking about. I'd give grants to interesting people with just the remit to go forth and do stuff. The world needs more philanthropy.

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