Thursday, May 5, 2005

This is getting ludicrous now. My laptop has nine lines in sets of 4 (blue/green), 1 (yellow) and 4 (various) bisecting the screen top to bottom, leaving me with a narrow patch in the middle in which to work.
Nine lines on the laptop screen
I have figured out what the problem is – the screen is warped. It fastens fine in the middle, where the latch is, but the two top corners bend slightly upwards. If I put a bit of pressure on them to bring them back to straight, the lines go away. Of course, I don't do this because a broken screen would be worse than one with lines on.
I am seriously worried about how long this PowerBook is going to last, though. I have decided that my next machine will be a 14″ iBook, rather than another PowerBook because the iBooks are so much more robust and I will admit that this machine gets a lot of use. The first thing I do before I get up in the morning is reach down and pick up my laptop so I can check my mail, and the last thing I do before turning off the light at night is to close my laptop and put it away.
Ideas, offers of sponsorship of a new laptop and other miscellaneous helpfulness gratefully accepted. And before you ask, sadly there's not enough in my laptop fund for a new one.

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