Monday, May 23, 2005

It came!

by Suw on May 23, 2005

Ok, so after all my impatient bitching, the iBook came and is wonderful. I love its sleek white lines, the clear bright screen, the speed, the memory, the 80 gig HDD, the general wondrousness of it all. Who needs men when you've got an iBook?
Here it is, my new iBook
One of the first things you do with a new Mac is name it, and naming it is integral to the whole process of making it work. I have a friend who named his Mac Suw, which is really sweet but it does confuse me when I read that 'Suw has had to go off to be mended' or somesuch.
I have just been talking to my friend Dan about what I have named my iBook. He was suggesting I call it 'Cornetto', or 'Winchester', or something suitably Shaun of the Dead oriented. I have, however, ended up being a bit obvious. Like my TiBook, I've called it Suw. I think it's like scent marking. It asserts my ownership: My Mac. Mine. It also indicates that my Mac is an extension of me, not a piece of equipment or something disposable, it is an integral part of my personality and it's as important to me as any thing can be.
I suppose I could rename it FriedGold or somesuch, but that wouldn't feel right.
The only thing that sucks at the moment is that iChatUSBcam is b0rkd under Tiger so I can't vidchat, even with the newest download that is supposed to be Tiger-compatible. That is, I have to say, a monumental pain in the arse. The only answer that I can see is to buy an iSight, but I really can't sanction that sort of spend at the moment. Maybe I could get one cheap in the US though.
UPDATE: USB webcam problem now fixed! I can iChat to my heart's content, although an iSight would provide better quality still. Who knows, maybe there's one out there with my name on it anyway.
But still, even that is not enough to make me anything other than totally infatuated. I have managed today to transfer all my important apps and data, and have started transferring all my less important stuff too. It was pretty easy, even having to do it manually (the firewire port on my TiBook is buggered, so I can't make use of the automatic import facility because that relies on firewire.) Already the iBook feels like my iBook, looks like my iBook and behaves like my iBook.
If only men were so obliging.

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