Sunday, May 22, 2005

I meant to blog about this before, but time got away from me. Anyway, went to the Copyfighter's Drunken Brunch and Talking Shop again earlier this month, and it was, as usual, a scream. I spoke again at Speaker's Corner and it was a lot less pant-wettingly scary than last time, even though there were more people in the crowd. I think the gorgeous weather brought everyone out.
I ranted about Creative Commons again, which seems to always be what springs to mind whenever Cory nudges me and asks if I'm going to get up and talk. If there's ever a way to improve your confidence in public speaking, Speaker's Corner is it. I could get a taste for it. (And heaven help you if I do.)
As ever, Cory has the pictorial evidence. Someone was also filming it, so who knows, maybe you'll get to sample my rhetoric one day.

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Problem bach

by Suw on May 22, 2005

Dydd Sul, felly dydd teledu. Ond fydda i ddim yn dysgu unrhywbeth o gwbl os dw i'n blogio yn lle canolbwyntio. Merch ddrwg ydw i.

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