by Suw on May 5, 2004

Every now and again I get an email from someone asking me to link to their site. Usually I will check it out, discover that it's porn or a link farm or, worse, poorly written, and thusly ignore it. Like everyone, I have my own criteria for what I will and won't link to, but simply being asked isn't gonna get you on my blogroll.
Today I found an email that I got a couple of weeks ago from SidSays of ClearlyCalm, asking me for a link. I don't remember getting it, but as I was attempting to clear out my inbox today, there it was. Took at look at the blog in question and for the first time in recent memory I'm answering a request for a link with a link.
ClearlyCalm is the blog of an inmate in Wormwood Scrubs, apparently sent down for fraud. As with all anonymous blogs, there is no way of telling whether it's real or not, but it's well written and very much worth reading, so go take a look.

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