Finding time for blogging

by Suw on May 5, 2004

Just talking to Kevin Marks in IRC about finding the time to blog. Kevin works for blog cosmos engine Technorati, so blogging feels like work to him and, when prioritising what he needs to get done most, he opts for coding over blogging. I can understand why – you have to prioritise and when you do those non-urgent, non-important tasks (if that's how he views blogging) fall by the wayside.
“I think it is because it takes me a big chunk of time to write a decent post,” Kevin says, “and I know that, and I know I have loads to do so I don't write the post. But I can slice away a post's worth or more in IRC because I'm doing it in parallel with other stuff.”
I can't argue with that, but I wish Kevin would blog more, even if only short posts. Short is, after all, sweet.
(Not that I mind being his amanuensis and providing him with a sort of blogging-by-proxy service – I've blogged a few of my conversations with Kevin and am happy to do so. But it would be nice to see stuff straight from the horse's mouth.)
I've done the exact opposite of Kevin, though. With the number of contacts and leads I've generated through lurking in #joiito and through blogging, I now view them both as a form of work and therefore legitimate things for me to be doing during the day.
Admittedly, much of my IRCing is possibly, technically, not work-related, but it's all about presence. If I am online, I am there in #joiito, and being there leads to serendipitous meetings, conversations and opportunities that would not otherwise happen. That is, to me, very valuable so I am happy to pay the price in time for those rewards.
Plus it stops me going completely hatstand at being stuck in the middle of nowhere 24/7, but that?s another issue.

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