Monday, May 17, 2004

Bits and pieces

by Suw on May 17, 2004

Gary is considering giving his blog a makeover, something in a dashboard stylee. I like the look of it, myself.
Joi's been reading galley proofs of Dan Gillmor's We, The Media and I find myself feeling rather jealous as it sounds like a good read. Still, at least Gillmor's going to do the sensible thing and release an electronic version free for non-commercial use. Funny how I'm now losing interest in authors who aren't connected enough to do that.
Horst has also decided that cycling is a good way to get a little fitter, although he managed 35k first time out. Which makes my paltry efforts look pathetic. Of course, they are.
KBM keeps the cycling theme going and suggests that I need a bit of motivation, perhaps in the form of training for the London to Brighton cycle ride. Not this year, mate. Next year, maybe.

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Is that it only takes ten minutes of cycling before your legs (and bum) start complaining. That's barely enough time to work up a sweat.
Still, wouldn't want to overdo it, would I now?

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