Friday, May 28, 2004

Back from Lessig

by Suw on May 28, 2004

Well, I'm back from London, with a throat that feels as if I've been gargling glass shards, so forgive my brevity. (Plus, my memory for lectures is crap. I tend to remember overall impressions, not individual points. It's a miracle I made it through uni, frankly.)
Lawrence Lessig was very good last night. Interesting talk, with a good few examples that I'd not come across before, including a great anti-iTunes/Pepsi ad from WhatACrappyPresent. The Q&A was good – some really astute questions. The whole thing was recorded apparently, so if I ever do get a hold of the transcription or recording, I'll post it.
Went to the reception afterwards and met Chenwei and Tian who are working on the Chinese translation of Free Culture. I was interested to discover that they use the audiobook extensively in their translation work because it's easier to translate from narration than from text. It's really cool to know that there is more to the audiobook than just entertainment value, that it's actually making life less taxing for the translators.
I also was lucky enough to meet Lessig (hmm, can I call him Larry now? 😉 ). He was very friendly and I enjoyed our short conversation, although it was difficult to really talk much with so many other people wanting to have a word. I wish I could have spent a bit longer chatting, but then, I suppose so did everyone else that spoke to him.
Anyway, Larry now has a * in the blogroll, so I'm happy. I'm hoping to collect a full set by the end of the year, you know.

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