Monday, May 3, 2004

More little stars

by Suw on May 3, 2004

Got back from London today after a fantastic night out on Saturday with a covey of fellow bloggers: Doc Searls, Euan Semple, Matt Mower, Gary Turner, Tom Coates, Cory Doctorow, Danah Boyd, Julian Elve, Tom Dolan, James Cox (who also has photos here), plus a few other people who turned up later that I didn't manage to talk to properly.
Many 'bloodshots' (some evil red concoction of vodka, chilli and god knows what else) were consumed, although not by me as I was pacing myself on vodka and tonic. I think Tom Coates was trying to ward off a cold with his shots, although not sure if it worked or not.
Conversation ranged from geology through Lessig, Buffy/Angel, the next new blogging standard (tbc), the birth of warchalking, laptop envy, pda envy (see a theme?), and furry hats to Welsh grammar (inevitable, if I'm at the table). This time round we played chair hopscotch and I think most people manage to speak to most other people.
It was a true delight to talk to Doc, who not only now has a star in my blogroll, but also is a star himself. I could easily and happily have monopolised him for the whole evening. Next time, maybe. (Don't say I didn't warn you, Doc.)
I was also chuffed to finally meet Tom Coates. His was one of the first batch of blogs that I ever came across and I've been an avid reader since. It's kinda strange to meet people whose blogs you've been reading a while, as I think I've mentioned before. You have this strange feeling that you know the blogger behind the blog, but of course, you don't really. Anyway Tom was v. cool – hopefully I'll get a chance to talk more to him on the 12th.
Also pleased to meet Danah, who just has the best furry hat I've seen in a long time, and Cory, whose brains I tried very hard not to pick despite my desire to corner him and discuss digital rights at length.
So yes, a sterling evening out. Must do it again sometime. Oh, wait, I am…

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