Lost kitten returned

by Suw on November 27, 2003

The family at No. 1 lost their little black kitten several weeks ago. They'd searched the ditches on the main road where so many poor, unsuspecting kittens get killed, but to no avail. They'd asked round, checked the vets, but still nothing.

A few days ago, however, the kitty – who had been tagged with an identity chip – was happily returned to them by the police after it was found wandering round in Winchester, 40 miles away.

I know tomcats can stray, but 40 miles? The police apparently said that there actually are gangs that catnap cats and sell them for their fur, so one could conclude that the poor wee bairn was stolen away from its home by some passing rogue, but somehow managed to escape. I actually prefer the idea that it climbed into someone's car, unawares, and found itself in Winchester by accident, but I guess the catnapping is more likely.

It'll be kinda nice to see the cute little thing fronting up to my Fflwff in the garden once more, proving yet again that although she may be the original EnormoMog, Fflwff is in fact just a big girl's blouse at heart.

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