Monday, November 17, 2003

Spoof branding website What Brand Are You appears to have been a bit too good for, er, its own good.

The site asks you to choose a couple of core attributes, then comes up with a Latinate brand name which is supposed to be amusingly crap, but according to the BBC some punters have thought that they're so good that they've registered them at Companies House. Quite whether these people don't get the joke or don't care that it's a joke is unclear.

“We used an online Latin dictionary to come up with some of the names, and just added an 'i' or and 'a' to the end. Others, like Ualeo, we don't even know how to pronounce,” says Ben Terrett [one of the site's designers].

When I went through the process, it came up with Dehinc, which apparently has something to do with things coming in threes. Living round here, I can guarantee that whatever does come in threes, it's not buses. Powercuts, possible, but not buses.

Personally, I think my core values (which weren't on their list) of alcoholism and chocoholism are communicated quite perfectly by my current brand.

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