Monday, November 3, 2003

Dubious search terms

by Suw on November 3, 2003

Every month I reset my Blog-City referrer log – it only shows the top couple of dozen referrers, so once you get a week or so in there’s not much change at the top and even less change at the bottom. Within the referrer urls, it’s always interesting to see which search terms people have used to find me.

Some are obvious – both ‘Muse Absolution’ and ‘hummingbird hawk moth’ are still popular, and I’m seeing a resurgence in people using Matrix related terms. Quite a few people actually looked specifically for ‘chocnvodka’, which is nice to know, and I’ve had one ‘ik leer nederlands’.

I think that whoever was looking for was quite probably very disappointed, as would have been the ‘Townsville City Hall’ searcher.

However, I was a bit surprised to see this particular search url:’p=pictures+of+how+to+give+a+blow+job

I don’t remember ever mentioning blow jobs here! When did I ever mention blow jobs? Huh? And as for pictures of, well… frankly whomsoever requires pictures to figure out what to do really has a very, very limited imagination.

Equally, I don’t remember mentioning Captain Haddock either, but I do admit to liberal usage of variations on the phrase ‘head up arse’, although quite what that searcher was hoping to find is anyone’s guess. Hopefully not the same sort of pictures that Mr/Ms Blow Job was after.

Oh the disappointment this blog must have been.


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NTL hiccup

by Suw on November 3, 2003

Of course, when NTL took my email, they took my web space with it, damn them. I can't remember what I had hosted there, so I'm going to have to just hope it all eventually comes to light. I know some of the pics on the blog are currently missing, so I'm just in the process of moving them to other hosting and fixing the links. What a pain in the wassit though.

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The time is coming

by Suw on November 3, 2003

The last few weeks have seen some delicate behind-the-scenes negotiations, arrangements and gentle reminders (i.e. lots of nagging), but finally I can announce that I shall be going to see Matrix: Revolutions at the IMAX North in Bradford on 29 Nov. I’m going with my pal Vince and some of his friends and am expecting… er, actually I’m not expecting much.

It’ll be much fun to hang out with Vince, Carl and Seb, but I’ve got no hopes at all whatsoever for the film itself, although I suspect that the fight scenes will again look rather groovy on the Very Big Screen.

I went to see Reloaded with minimal expectations and thus enjoyed the film immensely, more than many people I know. So once again I’m avoiding all hype, trailers, interviews, features, makings of, etc. etc. etc., in the hope that I won’t be disappointed if I expect nothing.

I live in Arseendofnowhere so technically it shouldn’t be that difficult to avoid the media, but I have seen Matrix related documentaries in the TV listings which I was sorely tempted to watch. Keanu is splashed across magazine stands every which way I turn and the urge to start stocking up on copies of SFX in anticipation has been hard to resist. Bbut I know that abstinence is for the best. Really.

We’ll be doing the geeky thing and watching Reloaded first, which will set us up nicely for our evening out, and I will of course give you a full and complete opinion as to whether Revolutions redeems Reloaded or whether the W Bros actually have lost their collective head somewhere in their own small intestine (or, in Larry’s case, possibly someone else’s).

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