Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Amazon can't count

by Suw on November 19, 2003

On 17 Nov I ordered a book from Amazon which, according to its product description would be despatched 'within 7 to 8 days', yet my confirmation email tells me that it will be delivered between Nov 29 and Dec 7. Either Amazon can't count, or someone's cancelled nearly two weeks of this year and not told me. Now if those deleted days just happen to be weekdays and don't cover my trip to Leeds, I might find myself able to turn a blind eye, but if they interfer with my going to see Revolutions I shall be well miffed. (Even if all current indications do point to it being a crap film. The most damning review of it that I've read so far said simply 'Revolutions. Hmm…' Oh dear.)

Anyway. Amazon. Pfft. Buy a calculator, guys, or learn how to take your shoes off.

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