Tuesday, November 4, 2003

Tis the redundancy season again

by Suw on November 4, 2003

This time last year my sister-in-law was made redundant, with a finish date of 31 December. This year, it's my brother's turn, with the same date.

What a low down dirty rotten trick to make people redundant just after Christmas. It's the most expensive time of the year, the worst possible time for job hunting and it generally sucks. Why couldn't they wait just another month before dumping their soon to be ex-employees in the crapper?

It's no surprise, though, as there have been various failed take-overs of the company he works for and somewhat unpleasant rumours going round for months, but it's still a bummer.

Hopefully he'll manage to find something faster than me, though. Fingers crossed.

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Google weirdness

by Suw on November 4, 2003

I was surprised to notice from my stats that a Google on the phrase photos of what my stump will look like after amputation brings up this blog on the third page of the search results. I guess that post regarding the dream I had about losing a hand was the culprit.

Out of curiosity, I had a look at the previous two pages of Google results and discovered this rather alarming ad:

Frankly, if I ever had to pay for an amputation myself, I'd be more concerned about how experienced the surgeon was than looking for the cheapest deal.

But, proving that Google isn't as good at pulling up quality results now as it used to be, Stuart Hughes' blog was nowhere to be seen in those three pages of links, which is strange considering that he actually does blog about his own amputation quite a lot, as well as having a regular 'amputee of the week' slot. I've mentioned before how much I enjoy Stuart's blog and I would recommend that everyone should go on over and take a look, regardless of how many limbs you have.

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