The longest day

by Suw on November 28, 2003

Off for the weekend again today. I have the joy of a minimum of five hours on a train, although with only 10 minutes to change at Bristol, there's always the chance that the journey will end up taking a lot longer. Then I've two and a half hours hanging about in Leeds, waiting for the working world to catch up to this whole idea of a weekend.

Tomorrow, off to see Revolutions at the IMAX, an event which is currently leaving me pre-underwhelmed. All I can say is that there'd better be some damn good fight scenes to make up for what I've heard is a predictably crappy end. Still, at least I'll have seen it, and then I'll know, and then I'll forget all about it.

But today is going to be a very long day, not least because my alarm went off at 5.30am instead of 6.30am because I'd forgotten to change the hour on my phone. Just as I started to nod off again, Fflwff decided it was time to get up and started pestering, so I locked her in the bathroom. (It's a big bathroom – I'm sure she was comfy.) But at 6.30am Mum let her out so I gave in and just got up.


Can I crawl back into bed and stay there now please?

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