Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May was supposed to be a month of blogging, something quick, easy and portable as I knew I’d be travelling for most of the month. I didn’t manage too badly, though I missed six days. The blog posts haven’t been as ‘thinky’ as I thought they’d be, I will confess. I’ve been thinking a lot about politics of late, and had hoped that I’d get some of that written up, but I’ve mostly been blogging when tired or in a rush, and really didn’t feel like trying to get political. I guess that stuff will have to wait.

Five months into this project, though, and I am so happy that I started it. I’ve published more blog posts so far this year than I did between the beginning of December 2011 and the end of December 2016. Indeed, I haven’t published this frequently since the heyday of the blog, 2003-2006, back when I was chronically underemployed.

As I said at the beginning of April, I started this project to try to get my brain back into a more creative mode, and it has worked amazingly well. I used that month to work on my book, a non-bloggable project, and I’m happy to report that I am continuing to find time to work on that almost every day. And I’m still incredibly excited by it, more so than any writing project I’ve ever worked on.

Tomorrow, I start a new task, another one that’s completely new to me. I’m looking forward to that!


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