C17: Day 147 – How does this decorating thing work?

by Suw on May 27, 2017

Being a house owner means that we’re now having to learn how to do DIY. Last year, we worked on the front bedroom, which was a nasty shade of monkey shit brown and was offending our eyes on a daily basis. It was, without a doubt, a learning experience, but we got there in the end:

Front room 1

Sanding down the lumpy bits, we found some cracks…

Front room 2

Front room 3

Some of which were quite big…

Front room 4

We also found lots of pin holes…

pin holes

Having filled and sanded and filled and sanded, we primed…

Twice. And then we painted. Twice. And ended up with…


We do still have some stencilling to do, but overall, I think this is quite an improvement!

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