Hm, just what is that large box in the corner?

by Suw on May 28, 2005

Back in Dorset now, after a journey characterised by a variety of blisters and missing public transport connections by a matter of seconds. Always feels somewhat of an anticlimax, coming back here. Makes me wish I had somewhere 'proper' to live. Still, not long til I'm off to San Francisco. Nine days, in fact. Eep, better get stuff sorted.
Had a great trip to London. Met some way cool people and had my brain stretched in new directions, the results of which you'll see on Strange just as soon as I can marshal my thoughts into some sort of form that makes sense.
I think I shall go watch Bagpuss now, if I can a) be arsed to get up off the bed and b) remember how to turn a TV on.

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