All About Palm

by Suw on May 20, 2005

I've been gnawing at my fingernails recently, desperate to tell you all about my new venture with co-conspirators Ewan Spence, Rafe Blandford, Dave Thomson and Jody Armstrong, but at last, today, I can!
All About Palm does exactly what it says on the tin, covers Palm Powered smartphones and PDAs and discusses anything remotely related to Palm. Aaah, I see the penny dropping – now you know how I laid my hands on that cute new little Treo.
I'll be keeping a diary on the site, following my adventures with my new Treo 600 and hopefully demystifying smartphones whilst I'm at it. As I get to grips with the whole Palm world, I'll also be contributing news, reviews and other features.
I have to say that I am delighted to be working with Ewan and the guys, and to be doing something that's not metablogging for a change. Finally, I can let my geekside take over! Bwah ha ha haaaaa.

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