One of those days

by Suw on

You know, one of those days where absolutely nothing on your über-long to-do list seems even remotely tolerable, let alone interesting. I have no urgent tasks, nothing which can't be put off til tomorrow (or rather, Friday at the earliest as I'm off up to London again tomorrow). I have lots of things that I ought to do, but nothing I have to do and consequently I don't feel like doing anything at all.
I hate moods like this. And in moods like this, I hate being self-employed and working from home where it is only too easy to mooch about and waste time and generally be unproductive. I need to oik myself up and just get on with something. Anything. So long as it's not nothing.
On a completely unrelated and uninteresting note, the new carpet that's being laid right now stinks.

Anonymous May 12, 2004 at

“Stink” as in smell, or “stink” as in “is horrible”?

Anonymous May 13, 2004 at

Stink as in 'smell', although that did go away relatively quickly. It actually looks quite nice, although the advisability of having an off-white carpet when there is a long-haired black cat in residence is questionable.

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