Monday, January 12, 2004


by Suw on January 12, 2004

It's addictive. It's not my fault. It just is.

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See… today wasn't a complete washout

by Suw on January 12, 2004

I spent too much time faffing about online today*. I got really very, very little done. However, in order to redeem myself, I spent much of this evening writing.

Today I have added ten whole minutes to the screenplay, bringing me up to the 1:37 mark. That is pleasing. Act 2 is now complete, which means I only have to finish off Act 3, and that shouldn't be too much of a hassle as I know exactly what happens, except for in one scene.

Once that little wrinkle's ironed out, I'm at the editing stage.


End of the week? Maybe?


(*for which I blame the nice people in #joiito.)

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US finds new target

by Suw on January 12, 2004

Oh yes, the US, ever accurate in their military missions have finally located the whereabouts of Saddam's weapons of mouse destruction, and are bombing the crap out of them as we speak.

Bloody moaning Yorkshiremen. I always knew they had something to hide. Bomb them into submission, I say, with their bloody peaked caps and sideways looks. You can never trust a man in a peaked cap, you know. Specially the ones from Market Weighton.

Still, it's good to see the the BBC have about as much idea of where Yorkshire is as the US does: “BBC NEWS | England | Suffolk | US airforce drops practice bomb”.

Update: V informs me that the reason the BBC put the news under 'Suffolk' is because that's where the plane took of from, or some such excuse. So does that mean that all reporting of the occupation of Iraq should come under 'America'?

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