Monday, January 19, 2004

I hate all this competition malarky

by Suw on January 19, 2004

Pitting one blog up against another, making people choose which one's 'best'. It's pathetic.

Although I suppose I would say that. I wasn't nominated. If I'd been nominated I'd quite like all this competition malarky. If I won, I'd love it.

As it is, I shall take the slightly snotty highground (and not just because my cold still hasn't cleared up) and say that competitions suck. I don't blog for the accolades, for the pats on the back or for the fame. (Just as well.) I don't care if i'm a Lowly Insect or a Slimy Mollusc in the rather deficient TLB Ecosystem. (They miss half my inbound links anyway.) And I don't care if I get Slashdotted or not. (Sounds like someone taking a piss anyway.)

Let me make this perfectly clear.

I do not blog for the benefit of my public. I blog because my ego won't let me stop.

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