Sunday, January 25, 2004

Via email from Euan Semple (and Drew), it's reported by The Register that MS has been working with the Welsh Language Board on a Welsh language module for XP and Office.

Whether this step by the notoriously uncooperative MS is because of a rival Welsh version of Linux is, I think, largely irrelevant. They're doing it, and a lot more people use MS than use Linux so at the end of the day we'll have both systems and therefore the majority of Welsh computer users catered for. And that has to be a positive step forward for the language.

Personally, I'd love to use a Welsh Linux instead of Windows. Hell, I'd love to use anything instead of Windows, but frankly Linux scares me – I'm just not techie enough to want to learn how to use it. Maybe when I've more time on my hands I shall.

Oh, wait… Is that a pig up there?

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one box art supplies
one box photos
two boxes linen, towels &c.
two boxes videos (still some to pack)
numerous* boxes kitchen implements, crockery, pots &c.
numerous boxes books
numerous boxes stuff from uni/school that I've not looked at since I first packed it up
two boxes unread magazines (for shame, for shame)

Packing's coming along ok, actualy, even though I'm sick of it already. I toyed with the idea of throwing out a lot of the stuff I've kept from my childhood and school days, but then I thought that all that stuff is not just stuff, it's an archive of my life. I have papers, clippings, school reports, letters, cards, school projects, photos, all sorts of material which could, were I to have the time, be sorted out into a meaningful commentary on my life and what I deemed to be important to keep at the time.

My favourite things, though, are my childhood diaries from holidays to Cornwall, which if nothing else are interesting for my creative attitude to spelling back then, e.g. 'We walked up the hedeland'. If it'd been 'hedland' I could have understood that as a basic phonetic mistake, but 'hedeland'? I think i was probably channelling Pepys at the time.

I know it's a bit of a millstone around my neck, but I have decided not to even start to sort out that archival stuff. I'm going to just rebox it and store it. One day, when I have some time to kill, I can go through it all and spend a few months in regression.

*i.e. I can't be arsed to go count

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Slight tweaks

by Suw on January 25, 2004

Any poor soul who's visited my blog over the last hour may have seen any one of a number of ghastly design mistakes which should, quite frankly, never have made it into the Blog-City template list. If you were one of the victims of poor colour co-ordination and painfully bad design, I do apologise. I just hope that the vomiting has stopped now.

I was looking for a template that didn't look shit on a Mac, but I discovered that the standard templates just all look shit, Mac or no Mac. Instead I've tweaked my usual template and hope that will do.

If you are on a Mac and using Safari, please can you leave me a note or comment to say if the blog is now both easily readable and not too grim to look at.

Thanks to Kevin for letting me know my blog looked shit. Much appreciated.

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