We won! We won!

by Suw on November 23, 2003

Ok, so I know I'm a day late, but still, we won!!

I was in a taxi on the way to Ford to catch the train to Brighton during the last few minutes of the game, but we reached the station before the match concluded and didn't find out the score until two hours later when some bloke in a shop happened to mention it.

I didn't watch any of the tournament, mainly because living with my parents kinda precludes any sort of regular tv habits that don't fit in with what they watch. I'm not a huge sports fan really, except for these sorts of one-off tournaments. I watch Wimbledon, I watched most of the last footie World Cup (at least, until we bombed out) and would have watched this had there been a tv in my office.

But still, I'm happy we won. About time, if ask me.

Meantime, shopping in Brighton with Kate was fun, and I did succumb to buying myself a few little treats. Well, a girl can only live in a shopping-free zone for so long without finally giving in, and we all know I have no willpower when it comes right down to it. Hence the empty bottle of Coke on Kate's desk right now.

Oops. I'll give up again tomorrow, I promise.

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