Pens. Muji. Hmmm…

by Suw on November 11, 2003

I'm happy to discover today that I can buy Muji pens online. Only an act of strict self-discipline is stopping me from needlessly spending money on more Muji pens. They're just so gorgeous – nice to hold, nice to write with, nice colours. Hmm… nice. But I am relieved to know that I can get these pens online because my oft-used red one is running out and I was starting to worry about how I would cope without it.

Question is, what can I do with all the crappy free pens I've collected over the years that I don't use? I'm really pernickety about my pens, and stationery too. (I love paper – there's something particularly lush about a nice, crisp, blank piece of paper.) I dislike cheap, nasty pens that leave blobs of ink all over the place, or that don't write smoothly, or that simply look ugly or don't feel comfy in my hand.

But then again, I dislike throwing anything out that's still potentially useful. There should be a pen donation service to provide free pens for struggling students, writers or whomsoever is short of a pen. A Free Pen Exchange.

Tell you what, if you need a pen, email me and I'll bung one in the post to you. And the exciting thing is that you won't know what colour it's going to be…

Calm yourself, now.

A visitor November 11, 2003 at 2:11 pm

On the invention of Ballpoints

and for MY favourite brand.



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