Extra protein with that, Sir?

by Suw on November 10, 2003

I just cooked dinner for my parents. Wholegrain rice, with vegetables, chicken and mandarins.

I was somewhat sickened to discover that two little black flecks which I had thought were just bits of herb or something turned out to be weevils. That was a brand new, unopened packet of rice bought in Tescos only last week and well within its use-by date.

The store manager is going to get such a bollocking off me tomorrow. I have sealed said weevils, and their live friends from the unused portion of the packet, in a plastic bag and will be making my point quite loudly sometime tomorrow afternoon. I don't take kindly to being sold weevils.


Ick ick ick ick ick.

They must have had this problem for months because wholegrain rice has been a bugger to get hold of since springtime. In fact, the last packet I had, months ago, had weevils in but I'd assumed that it was my fault because the packet had been open for a few weeks, sitting in my cupboard with only a little sticky tab holding the top down, and that maybe they'd got in from outside somewhere. But this packet I opened myself and there's nowhere else they could have come from.

Weevils. Yuch. We should be beyond contaminated foodstuffs in this country by now.

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