NTL are a bunch of stupid tossers

by Suw on November 1, 2003

Well, it turns out that NTL, being a bunch of stupid tossers, have disconnected me from my email address without actually bothering to tell me that they were going to do so. I've just had a shout at their idiot customer service department (and I very, very rarely get that angry), who had the cheek to tell me that I 'should have known' that I'd lose my email address when I lost my broadband.

Excuse me, but with the number of companies giving away email like nobody's business, it's not that much of a stupid assumption to think that I might be able to hang on to the NTLworld address. Not once did anyone at NTL tell me I would lose the address, not once did they say in any of the letters I've had from them that it was for the chop. Oh no, they just assumed that it was 'obvious' that when the broadband went, the email would too.

See, I wouldn't have minded if they'd told me, and I think I probably wouldn't have been so cross if when I rang up to ask what was going on they'd bothered to apologise and just generally be polite. Instead I got fobbed off and told I was missing the obvious and if there's one thing guaranteed to make me extraordinarily angry, it's customer service drones being rude to me. I will not tolerate it.

Obviously the NTL management don't realise that an email address is not just for a few months, it's for life unless I choose otherwise.

I feel an angry letter coming on.

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