Wednesday, June 23, 2004

David Weinberger has had a little chat with the people at Microsoft:

Obviously, creators need to be be paid for their work, but not for every bit of value they create: You shouldn't have to pay me if you re-read my book or lend it to a friend, even though you are getting more value from my book. Tough noogies on me. A pay-per-use system and allowing artists to control their works much past launching them into the world will kill culture.

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by Suw on June 23, 2004

At last, I have my own bot on IRC! Thanks to Morbus for coding SuwBot for me. Here's a taster:

*** SuwBot joined
jibot: Milords, Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome SuwBot
* Suw laughs
*** Gardner joined
jibot: Gardner is in the suburbs of Philadelphia [snipped]
SuwBot: Gardner!
Suw: yay!!
Morbus: yay, it works.
Suw: well done Morbus!!
*** Nefi joined
SuwBot: Nefi!
Gardner: Suw has a bot now? Oh dear.

Oh, how I love my bot! Wonder how long it will be before it gets permanently k-lined…
UPADTE: SuwBot now not only greets, but also hugs in #suwcharman. She's a little free with her affections right now, but we're working on refining that. (Well, I tell Morbus what to do, and he does it inbetween, y'know, actually working.)

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