Friday, June 11, 2004

I recently imported my old posts from Blogger and have been slowly going through them and categorising them. Some of them are really, really dire. Some of them are quite good. Wouldn't want to work out the ratio, though.
I haven't edited them, except for one comment added to one post, but I have deleted ones which no longer made sense now that they are out of context. Perhaps that's cheating, but when you see the crap that I've left behind, you'll see that it's not self-censorship. If I was after trying to make myself look good, I'd have deleted the whole lot.
Anyway, there's a new category called old blogger posts which will contain them all when I've finished sorting them out. Meantime, you'll have to plough through the archives, but I'll start you off with Post Number One.
Aww… bless.

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