Monday, June 14, 2004

From the BBC:

Sir Richard Branson has set the record for the fastest crossing of the English Channel by an amphibious vehicle.
He drove into the Guinness Book of Records on Monday in the Warwickshire-built Gibbs Aquada, crossing in one hour, 40 minutes and six seconds.

How cool is that? Now, if I were going to cross the English Channel in an open-topped amphibious vehicle, I'd do it in a Gibbs Aquada. It's just a gorgeous thing – and this from someone whose entire knowledge of cars can be etched on the head of a pin in 12pt Courier.

Gibbs have slashed the price of the Aquada since it was unveiled last September, from £150,000 to £75,000, which makes it such a bargain. If only I could put one on my Amazon Wishlist.

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Looks like I'm on my own, then

by Suw on June 14, 2004

Just got back from the doctors. Nice enough guy, but I could tell immediately that he wasn't a 'believer' in hypoglycemia. I knew exactly how the conversation was going to pan out the moment he said “So, what makes you think you have hypoglycemia, then?”.
Where in the justice system it's 'innocent until proven guilty', in the UK medical system it appears to be 'hypochondriac until proven ill'.
The only other explanation he offered was that the fainting was due to low blood pressure. Well, yes, ok, I can see that would cause fainting and dizziness, but I'm not sure – and he didn't tell me – how it fits in with the other symptoms.
I have been told to take my blood pressure every morning, and measure my blood sugar levels every time I feel faint or dizzy. I get the feeling he told me to do that more to give me something to do than because he thinks it’s going to show anything up.
Bugger it. I know for a fact that there’s a definite link between having not eaten and my fainting/feeling woozy and migraines – observations over the last 15+ year have shown that link up very clearly. If I don’t eat, and particularly if I exercise on an empty stomach, I either get a migraine or I faint/feel as if I’m about to. I eat something, that feeling goes away.
So really, it’s down to me to make this six meals a day thing work, to stay away from difficult foods like Coke and chocolate. I had had a feeling that it would pan out this way.

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