Sunday, June 27, 2004

Squeaky clean and minty fresh!

by Suw on June 27, 2004

After a flurry of reinstallations, I am now ready for the beginning of the working week tomorrow. I think I have all the software I use on a daily basis reinstalled, and the stuff that isn't I either still have on CD somewhere, on is lurking in my downloads folder, or can be scraped off my old OS, which is still extant on my other drive.
My computer appears to be much more stable now than it was, and hopefully it will stay that way. I had got to the point where I was crashing about half a dozen times a day, and it was taking three or four attempts to start up, so it's nice that that no longer happens. So far I've noticed no bugs with the new OS but I'm still bedding in, so we'll see how it pans out.
At some point I'm going to have to bite the bullet and wipe what was my c: but it can wait for a while. One thing I haven't done but must do is start transfering files back onto my new c: from the box I had moved them to. Took 12 hours to move all the 'My Documents' folder, and that was even after housekeeping. I think I'll be moving it back slowly, folder at a time, over the coming weeks.
Only two outstanding issues: CD burning software (lost the CD that came with my CD/DVD drive) and the dratted monitor problem. Although each is an inconvenience, neither are killers.
So, thank you Gerard for coming down and helping me out. I really do appreciate it.

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