As the standards war erupts around me

by Suw on April 2, 2004

Who?d?ve thought that the BLX standards war would hot up in quite the way that it has? GT?s 1.0 schema has, until know, been the accepted standard, but AKMA has recently challenged this position and is fighting back with the newly updated schema. Add to that the fact that Shelley Powers has come out on the side of and, well, it?s a mess.
I have to make my stand at this juncture and say that a lot of work went into , and it?s just wrong, plain wrong, that people think they can come along and jump on the bandwagon and, with a few minor adjustments, claim they have ?overhauled? the standard. Changing a few tags here and there, tweaking the core and then adding 1 to the version number does not constitute an overhaul. It just means two incompatible standards that will result in a fragmentation of what could have been a coherant user base.
What are users to do? or ?
I say, stay with the original – it?s the only way to maintain the true essence of in the blogosphere.

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