Next President of the USA

by Suw on April 2, 2004

From Neil Gaiman's blog, a tidbit too choice not to pass on in full:

Well, on the good side, I would appear to be the next President of the USA at Presidential Deathmatch 2004. On the downside, I have Lord Havelock Vetinari as my Vice-President, Terry Pratchett's Patrician. Which means that my main function as President of the USA would be to think I'm in charge, be a prime assassination target and the butt of the anger of the crowds, while my Vice-President actually runs the country, dictates foreign policy, and keeps me in office (and alive) as long as I'm useful to him…

I always had a soft spot for Vetinari – even though he's ruthless and has an astonishing grip on reality, usually around the throat. I suspect, however, that Gaiman wouldn't be so easily made the puppet President, being far too imaginative and enterprising for that, thus ensuring that his life would either very long and successful or very, very short and to the point. A very sharp point, I should imagine.
Still, I'd rather Gaiman and Vetinari than any of the current candidates.
/me sighs

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