Pocket BLX

by Suw on April 3, 2004

I am proud to announce that I have been commissioned by O’Reilly to author the definitive guide to the BLX standard in my new book, Pocket BLX – Embedding BLX in Your Blog. This will cover everything from details of the various competing BLX standards and how they affect BLX compliance to programming MyBLX and how best to use Extensible BLX.

Obviously Gary Turner will collaborate – BLX would never have got this far without his invaluable contribution and the fact that he had the idea in the first place. I think that together we can bring something truly exciting and special to the blogosphere, something that will really revolutionalise the web. Our BLX will indeed be a force to be reckoned with.

I would like to clarify, however, and say that the new BLX standard is not a direct competitor for LOAF. LOAF, obviously, has a long and admirable history but ultimately BLX isn’t LOAF-derived and it’s important to retain a clear distinction between the two. The BLX functionality is so radically different from LOAF that it shouldn’t be difficult for new users to understand that the two service different market sectors.

Finally, we again have problems with diversification of the standard, with regression to . I hate to come over all partisan, but this kind of dilution of the BLX standard has to stop! Please, do keep abreast of blogging standards, but you are best served by adhering to , otherwise the situation will just get messy and out of hand.

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