IRC comes and goes, but projects accumulate

by Suw on March 27, 2004

Actually, IRC seems to be more coming than going, but that's a whole nother post.
Thought it was about time I just updated you as to the various and assorted projects I have going on. I don't think they each deserve a post to themselves, so they get to share.
Nothing Travels Faster Than Bad News
After a long while of doing nothing whilst Vince finished of the eightpointoneth draft of the script, we're now back on track. We have a production meeting scheduled for April and we hope to start shooting sometime after that. The latest draft has cut down my part quite considerably, which is good because hopefully that means I'll get to spend more time behind the camera. Expect to hear much more about this over the coming months.
Screenplay 1
I had a sudden burst of energy last night and rifled about in the filing cabinet, looking for the last version of SP1. Found it, and started an edit (third draft) this evening. It's much better than I had expected, although I've only read the first 30 pages so far. I think I need to get it back up on to Zoe and get some feedback. It is, after all, radically different from the first draft. Then I need to figure out what on earth to do with it.
The Polish is coming along ok, actually. As usual, I'm a bit sporadic with time spent learning, but I am managing to keep a degree of enthusiasm and consistency going. What is frustrating me is that I can't make my own sentences yet and conversations with my Polish speaking friends on IRC seem to be limited to 'Hi, how are you?' 'I'm fine thanks'. I am not yet able to progress beyond pleasantries, and it's starting to get on my wick. I mean, Welsh was so much easier than this! Still, persistence will win through where talent falls short, as Neil Finn once said.
The search for gainful employment
Still ongoing, although I have today discovered that I've got work worth a grand coming my way soon, which is a bloody relief, I can tell you. One phone call next week should seal that just nicely, and then I can relax for an bit.
I must admit, I had worried about mixing my search for work and my blog, but I've decided that a 9-5 would be akin to having my eyes put out so freelance is the only way to go and this blog may as well be a part of the process. Having followed Hugh's own search for cold hard cash over at gapingvoid, and after the wonderful ad he drew for me, I figured why not? If I'm going to advertise my services in what is frankly a rather bdj-ian way, a few blog posts aren't going to dent my chances of landing some work.
So, if you need a writer, email me. Or I'll send the cat round to moult on you.
Other stuff
One feature that I'm writing that I can't yet really tell you about – or rather, I don't want to tell you about til the deadlines whooshed past and it's published. Plus something else which I'll be able to elaborate on very soon.
Remember that.

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