Sunday, March 21, 2004


by Suw on March 21, 2004

Finger was doing ok, then I started typing again and back the pain came. Well, let's not overstate the case – it's more deep discomfort than actual pain, but it very much has an RSI flavour to it.

RSI is my deepest fear, (after cars), as it should be for every working writer. I have taken care to ensure that I have a reasonably good working environment – good chair, footrest and ergonomic keyboard – but having managed to knacker my right ankle by persistently sitting with it turned under, I'm very aware that sometimes it's not your environment but what you're doing and how many hours each day you spend doing it.

And using voice recognition software is not really an option. Somehow, that changes the words that come out of my head, and not for the better. There's something special about the flow of meaning from my brain, out of my fingers, through the keyboard and onto the screen which is not replicated by dictation.

Have now strapped my little finger to the next one along so that it can no longer be used, particularly in the sideways direction that was causing the pain. I can still type, but am not using all the fingers on my right hand. Hopefully that, plus cutting down* on hours at the computer for a while will help sort this out.

Anyway, look at me. What should have been a one line blog is threatening to turn into an essay. There’s just no moderation with me. Can’t do anything by halves.

*Note: I never said cutting out.

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Blog Cymraeg newydd

by Suw on March 21, 2004

Dyma blog Cymraeg newydd ar eich cyfer chi i gyd: Siffrwd Helyg. Mwynhewch!

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