Sunday, March 7, 2004

A sudden proliferation of vodka

by Suw on March 7, 2004

Let me just set the scene for you. This is Dorset. Arse end of nowhere. Round these parts, Polish is something you use to make the furniture shine. The eastern bloc is just next to the western block of flats just down the road (where 'block' means a building a whole three storeys high). Russian is what you do when you're really, really busy.

Usually the supermarket round here carries the bog standard commercial brands of vodka – Smirnoff, Absolut, some cheap shit that you wouldn't drink unless you were desperate to just get hammered and didn't care what the stuff tastes like and which thusly sells very well to the local teenage population.

Imagine my surprise, therefore, when I notice a sudden proliferation in the vodka supplies to include not only my previous favourite brand, Stolichnaya, but also the highly recommended Polish import Wyborowa. Sadly, my new favourite, Zubr&#243wka bison grass vodka, was nowhere to be seen although frankly if it had been on the shelf I probably would have fainted in shock.

I spoilt myself today with a bottle of Wyborowa and am currently sipping it sans mixer. It's so gorgeous – it's got quite a sweet taste really, not at all like trying to drink Smirnoff neat which is more akin to necking lighter fluid. Certainly Wyborowa will more than do whilst I'm bereft of Zubr&#243wka.

I've also discovered that Green & Black's organic dark chocolate is now available the same shop and am in Chocolate and Vodka heaven. Finally, this blog is worthy of its name.

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