Tuesday, December 9, 2003

A poor facsimile

by Suw on December 9, 2003

It's such a shame that my digital camera can't adequately show you what I see – a big bright golden full moon, hanging in the sky like a misplaced Christmas bauble, staring at me over the bare branches of winter.

Instead, you'll have to make do with this poor representation. Just try to spruce it up a bit in your own imagination, ok? Think of it not as a picture, but more of a vague blueprint of what you should be seeing in your head.

Still, this big ol' fat moon goes some way to explaining the dementia of the last two days and now that it's waning, so should the madness.

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For god's sakes, don't tell anyone, but it looks like I'm going to be going to the footie on Boxing Day* with my brother. His friend and fellow Bournemouth FC supporter Wayne is away on holiday in Australia, so Tony has his season ticket and I get to use it on Boxing Day.

I've only been to a football (that's 'soccer' for you weird American types) match once before. Again that was a Bournemouth game, and I was so concerned about being too cold that I kinda overdressed a bit, and spent the entire match firstly trying not to faint and secondly trying to disguise the fact that I constantly felt like I was just about to.

I can't remember who won, but it was apparently a pretty average game. I do know what the offside rule is, but the finer intricacies of footie are beyond me so I didn’t notice that the whole team played like spanners. I didn't care – it was fun regardless of the fact that I was overheating worse than my Dad’s old Triumph going up Telegraph Hill in the middle of summer.

So, come Boxing Day, at 12noon I shall be standing where the terraces used to be but where nice seats are now at Dean Court in Bournemouth and I shall be cheering on the Cherries against… er… whomsoever it may be that they’re playing.

I may, for exactly the same reason, be going to the footie this Saturday too. Apparently my brother, who didn’t so much ask me if I wanted to go as tell me that I probably am going, will let me know nearer the time. Knowing him, that means he’ll just turn up Saturday afternoon asking if I’m ready yet.

This time, I think I’ll wear just the one coat.

*I remember an American friend of mine not knowing what Boxing Day was, so in case you’re wondering, it’s St Stephen’s Day, i.e. the day after Christmas.

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Curious minds think alike

by Suw on December 9, 2003

Only this weekend I was wondering how many UK blogs there are. Maybe it's something in the water, because today Tom Coates was wondering the same:

Now there's no really useful way of effectively measuring these things, but it occurs to me that we'd probably be able to motivate a good number of people to make themselves known as weblogers if everyone who read this post stuck up a mention/plug for one or more of the major geographical portals onto their sites. So I'm going to wander off now and check that I'm listed on:

* The Eatonweb Portal
* Globe of Blogs
* Weblogs.co.uk (which runs the extremely useful UK Blogs Aggregator)

And please – if you've got ten minutes and are interested in helping to uncover the lost continent of UK webloggers out there, then stick something on your site about this too.

The curious thing is that I'd come across the UK Blogs Aggregator only the other day, and had utterly failed to find out how to submit my blog to it. Now I know – go to Weblogs.co.uk and do it there. Easy really.

I wonder if Tom will manage to pull together any sort of reasonable estimate. If he does, I'll link to it here.

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