Curious minds think alike

by Suw on December 9, 2003

Only this weekend I was wondering how many UK blogs there are. Maybe it's something in the water, because today Tom Coates was wondering the same:

Now there's no really useful way of effectively measuring these things, but it occurs to me that we'd probably be able to motivate a good number of people to make themselves known as weblogers if everyone who read this post stuck up a mention/plug for one or more of the major geographical portals onto their sites. So I'm going to wander off now and check that I'm listed on:

* The Eatonweb Portal
* Globe of Blogs
* (which runs the extremely useful UK Blogs Aggregator)

And please – if you've got ten minutes and are interested in helping to uncover the lost continent of UK webloggers out there, then stick something on your site about this too.

The curious thing is that I'd come across the UK Blogs Aggregator only the other day, and had utterly failed to find out how to submit my blog to it. Now I know – go to and do it there. Easy really.

I wonder if Tom will manage to pull together any sort of reasonable estimate. If he does, I'll link to it here.

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