Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand…

by Suw on December 10, 2003

Actually, his name is John Taylor and he'll be just a matter of feet (or maybe yards, who can tell) away from me on 13 April 2003 at Wembley Arena as Kate and I boogie on down in a rather manic fashion to the music of newly reformed Duran Duran.

Oh yes. JT. In the same room as me. Ooooh baby, I am so in the right demographic.

I've only seen D2 (Duran Duran, DD, D2, geddit?) three times – once at Earl's Court, then in Bournemouth and finally in Cardiff, back when D2 was just Simon, Nick and Warren. Warren I've met a couple of times, and although he's a strange lad, he's very friendly and charming. Simon bought me and Kate drinks at the hotel in Cardiff where we were drinking with the band who supported them on that tour, The Vegastones. Svet, The Vegastones' bassist, is an old friend of mine, so it was really cool to see her on the same stage as the Durans. Anyway, Simon's far nicer and more charming in real life than you expect him to be. The rest I’ve never met, and probably never will.

Simon, Damon, Svetlana, Wes, Nick, Tim, Warren, Joe

Whilst Kate has seen D2 in all their incarnations some twelve times already, I have never seen the full Duran Duran before, with all Taylors present. Finally and at last, some 20-odd years after everyone else, I'm getting to be in the same room as JT. Ooh, it's going to be so much fun. And the fact that Kate managed to book the tickets via the fan club means that we get let in before all the others so can pick our spot at the front.

Tee hee. I'm so excited! I'm going to play D2 all day…

I don’t remember quite how I met you
wasn’t long ago
I just get a picture of sun in your eyes
the waves in your hair
maybe it’s something said in a movie or
you could have said last night
you just took me out on a limb
and I don’t really know what I’m doing here

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