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by Suw on June 17, 2003

One of the things that I really like about Blog City is that I get visitor stats. Not quite as comprehensive as I would like, but interesting nevertheless.

Bizarrely, I keep getting referrals from websites such as Technorati who never seem to actually have any links to me on their site at all. Not sure how that works.

I’m also very pleased to see that I’ve finally now been crawled by Ecosystem. Maybe now I’ll start appearing in stuff like Downhill and all the other apps that take the Ecosystem dataset. Not that I’ll know, unless I check, which of course I’m not so sad as to do? *coughcough*

The most amusing referrals, though, are the Google search results:

bfi imax reloaded
the matrix reloaded: the imax experience
matrix interpretation brothers reeves cypher
Rob Dougan Chateau
Keanu Reeves interview welsh language
dougan sounds like chris rea
neo SHADES buy

I really don’t quite know what the person searching for a Welsh language Keanu Reeves interview thought when they got here, but I can only say that I wish. I would just so love to be able to go round interviewing interesting a-listers and then write it up in a minority language they’ve probably never heard of. Actually, that’s part of my game plan for the future. I’ll let you know when I launch?

The moral of this stats story does seem pretty damn clear though. Keep mentioning the Matrix. And Reloaded. And Keanu Reeves. And Reloaded at the IMAX. And Neo. And Cypher. It gets you visitors.

A visitor June 18, 2003 at 2:00 pm

Suw, that Matrix blast-off really was blatant, even by your standards! ;o)


Andy []

Suw June 18, 2003 at 2:04 pm

hey, I have never pretended to be subtle!!

Anyway, you sorted out that IMAX thing yet?

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