Monday, June 9, 2003

Matrix Boy left me for dead

by Suw on June 9, 2003

Vast, sweeping orchestral lushness. The kind of music for which the word ?soundscape? is simply too small. The kind of music where the sky is deepest blue and far, far away, stretching horizon to horizon, and you catch your breath with the painful beauty of it all.

Rob Dougan is Matrix Boy. He contributed Clubbed to Death to The Matrix, Furious Angels to The Matrix: Reloaded along with a specially written track called The Chateau, I’m Not Driving Anymore is in one of the Reloaded trailers, and two remixes of Clubbed to Death have made it into Enter the Matrix. Almost undoubtedly he will have something in Revolutions. And he was going to do something for The Final Flight of the Osiris with Don Davis but it didn’t happen. Shame. He’d have had a full set then.

I downloaded Furious Angels, his album, over the weekend, and it is stunning. Just an amazing work. Today I’ve been exploring his web site, and was quite stunned to find out that it’s all real instruments. I mean, one gets so used to hearing strings in music that aren’t real, one tends to forget that some musicians still like to (and have the opportunity to) work with a full orchestra.

Vocally, Rob D is the bastard lovechild of Robbie Robertson and Chris Rea. An Australian who appears to now be London-based, he’s got this amazing way of marrying these husky 60-a-day vocals with these huge, John Barry-esque orchestrations and dance beats. It doesn’t sound like it should work, but it does work, really well.

And he’s kinda cute.

Damn. I didn’t say that.

But seriously, go to the website, watch the video for Furious Angels, which is fantastic in and of itself, and listen to Clubbed to Death. It’s well worth it.

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Stats strangeness

by Suw on June 9, 2003

One thing I like about Blog-City is that they give me stats. So now I know that at least a handful of people are reading my blog every day. That's nice. I like to know I have an audience. 😉 However, I find it peculiar that the day I didn't blog (Saturday) saw almost twice as many visitors as usual.


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Going Downhill fast

by Suw on June 9, 2003

I found Downhill yesterday, although I can’t remember rightly where. In a nutshell, it’s Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon but with blogs. Enter two blogs and Downhill will find out how many degrees of separation there are between them. I was kinda happy to find five degrees between me and Neil Gaiman:

There are 5 degrees of separation between Neil Gaiman's Journal and chocolate and vodka.

Neil Gaiman's Journal

links to Momentary Lapses Of Dilution

x links to PageCount

x links to Plep

x links to Morfablog

links to chocolate and vodka

However, Downhill uses the Ecosystem dataset, which isn’t so up-to-date unfortunately. I know that Morfablog links to this version of Chocolate and Vodka, but Ecosystems doesn’t even recognise that this blog exists.

Still, it’s a fun excursion.

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Reloaded – The Script

by Suw on June 9, 2003

This is the shooting script, the one that they used to actually make the film. You might not recognise it at first, as it's a little different to what you're expecting, but read on. You'll see it all comes together in the end. Maybe.

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