Saturday, June 21, 2003

A new variation of Tourette's

by Suw on June 21, 2003

This post on BB Spot, via Ken’s blog, really made me laugh in that slightly mad hysterical way that one tries not to do in public. Mainly because I have seen the look on that IT manager’s face. It's been directed at me more than once.

I really don’t know how I manage to switch from ?sweet and fluffy wouldn’t hurt the cutsy wootsy liddle bunny? to ?spittingly venomous banshee harridan with sharpened claws and tongue? quite so smoothly, but apparently it does happen.

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Do you really care who I am?

by Suw on June 21, 2003

Debate has been sparked on the blogs of Joho the Blog, Horst Prillinger and Pascale Soleil about whether or not anonymous blogs are a good or bad thing.

At the risk of getting a pointy bit of timber stuck up my backside, I'm going to say that it depends. If you're publishing a serious journalistic blog which you want people reference, then I'd say yes, you should be honest about who you are. But it's more important to be honest about your sources and to actually do a bit of research on the topics that you're spouting off on, er, I mean, discussing. On the other hand, if you're blog is personal, then whether or not you add a biography is dependant entirely on how comfy you feel doing so.

There are other issues, too, about accountability, risk and self-protection, but I don't want to really repeat what's already be written on the above blogs.

However, what I do find myself suddenly wondering is whether or not you, the person reading this right now, wants to know who I am? I assume that a lot of you reading this already know me – that's why you're here. But some people are coming in via Google searches or links on blog listings, and you lot wouldn't know me if I crept up behind you and bit your bum. (Although I would hereby like to assure that I am not in the bum-biting habit these days. Honest.) So to you I ask, does my semi-anonymity affect how you read my blog? And have you any interest in knowing more about who I am and what I do? In short, should I post a biography?

Comments/emails welcomed. Or participate in the poll. Your wish is, after all, my command. Sort of.

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