Going Downhill fast

by Suw on June 9, 2003

I found Downhill yesterday, although I can’t remember rightly where. In a nutshell, it’s Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon but with blogs. Enter two blogs and Downhill will find out how many degrees of separation there are between them. I was kinda happy to find five degrees between me and Neil Gaiman:

There are 5 degrees of separation between Neil Gaiman's Journal and chocolate and vodka.

Neil Gaiman's Journal

links to Momentary Lapses Of Dilution

x links to PageCount

x links to Plep

x links to Morfablog

links to chocolate and vodka

However, Downhill uses the Ecosystem dataset, which isn’t so up-to-date unfortunately. I know that Morfablog links to this version of Chocolate and Vodka, but Ecosystems doesn’t even recognise that this blog exists.

Still, it’s a fun excursion.

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