Old, but good

by Suw on June 16, 2003

Joel Veitch’s stuff always cracks me up, even after repeated viewings. The Angry Kittens doing The Vines was a classic. The Northern Kittens doing Elbow oozed sophistication. And now (well, er, three months ago) we have the Viking Kittens doing Electric 6, although frankly one of them looks suspiciously like a puppy to me.

Another place I used to really like was Dirk Gently’s Holistic I-Ching Calculator. My old bookmark to it has long since broken, but I did a quick Google and thank Odin, it’s still around! So, in need of an answer after some really hard times lately, I pondered quite a major issue in my life, and pressed the red button.


Here, Worldly Deeds Are Given Up For The Nourishment Of A Higher Mental Essence. Of Each Value, Which Reveals Divinely. This Will Bring Large Luck. Mental Understanding Illuminates Our Vision Of Earthly Matters.

Line 1: Even Can Follow Those In An Impotent Position, If They Free Themselves Of Their Errors And Work Industriously.
Line 6: Which Your Spirituality Mildly, Purely Has Developed, But Strong Splendor. You/They Will Have Large Luck And Success.

Truly, King Wen and the Duke of Chou have enlightened me, and I look forward with anticipation to my Large Luck.

(Do I get fries with that?)

Ooh, and now I’m really on a role. I remember many a day spent honing eye-mouse co-ordination with UFO Attack. Another long since dusted bookmark, another Google search, and lookie here, there are loads of them! This one just happened to be top of the list. Man, now it’s even got sound effects!

Finally my favourite. I spent so long playing on RobotDuck when I was at PwC. Only when the studio was quiet though, obviously, and strictly for R&D purposes. The animation in Yard Invaders remains some of my favourite of all time – so clean and simple, so beautiful. Oh and I’m still crap at Future Shepherd. (Tip: click the game, not the text link that says 'play' cos that doesn't seem to work.)


Nostalgia is a lovely thing.

Bye bye Sweet Addy. I have an old addiction back.

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