The Library Hotel

by Suw on June 6, 2003

Oh, pray that I come into a little money before October, when I'm off to see Eddie Izzard in New York, so that I can stay at the Library Hotel. As the name suggests, it's organised according to the ten sections of the Dewey Decimal Classification system: Social Sciences, Languages, Math and Science, Technology, The Arts, Literature, History, General Knowledge, Philosophy and Religion. The rooms are numbered according to the DDC and, more importantly:

“Each of the 60 rooms is uniquely adorned with a collection of books and art exploring a distinctive topic within the category or floor it belongs to.”

I can’t make up my mind between 700.005 Music and 500.005 Dinosaurs, and I have to admit that 800.005 Fairy Tales sounds like fun too.

I found out about this from this week's New Scientist, of all places, and although I feel that I really shouldn’t repeat their puns about the hotel being a ?novel place to stay? or always ?fully booked?, somehow I can’t help myself.

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