December 2004

The dangers of dyslexia

December 16, 2004

Oooh that was close. The trouble with having a boyfriend whose IM nick is actually a misspelling is that it's easy to add the correctly spelt nick to one's buddy list in addition to the correctly incorrectly spelt nick without realising either that one has a duplication or that the correctly spelt nick is actually […]

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Ni Yw Y Byd

December 15, 2004

Mae Gruff Rhys wedi mynd yn 'solo' efo sengl newydd o'r enw Ni Yw Y Byd, sy'n allan ar 19 Ionawr, ac albwm newydd o'r enw Yr Atal Genhedlaeth sy'n cael ei rhyddhau ar 24 Ionawr. Mae Lauren Lavern newydd chwarae Ni Yw Y Byd ar XFM, a gofynodd hi am farnau y gwrandawyr. Mae'n […]

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December 14, 2004

Yay! Or something. Why are return journeys always quicker than outward bound ones?

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Dullest International Airport

December 11, 2004

Nearly 15 hours, door-to-door, yesterday was the longest day of travelling I've had in a while, characterised mainly by a lot of queuing. Queues to check in, queues to go through security, queues to board the plane. The entire flight felt like one long, 8.5 hours queue. Then queues to get off the plane, queues […]

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A pause… a very brief pause

December 9, 2004

Off for the weekend tomorrow morning – hopefully will blog from where I am going. Taking the camera so there may even be snaps. Then a slight change of plan – going back to Dorset on Tuesday. Will be back in London in Jan for a month at least. After that… well that's anyone's guess, […]

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Little known fact

December 5, 2004

The male equivalent of a minx is the possum. Biologists the world over will confirm this to be true.

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Oooh, Zubrówka

December 4, 2004

I happened to pop into a newsagents on my way home today which I don't normally go into. There, sitting on the shelf behind the counter was a range of vodkas wider than one usually sees. They had Wyborowa, but more importantly, they had Żubrówka. I first tasted Żubrówka nearly two years ago at my […]

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Clwb Malu Cachu back up

December 2, 2004

Due to some sort of spooky hosting weirdness, all top level pages on CMC were somehow mysteriously deleted. I've put them all back now, but if you find a page that's still missing, please email me directly. Meantime, please buy a t-shirt. At only £7.50 they're cheap as chips and incomprehensible to the majority of […]

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iPods – the future

December 1, 2004

I had a dream the other night. I dreamt I was in a seminar and the speaker was really interesting (yes, you can tell it's a dream already, can't you?), and I was desperate to keep a record of what was being said. I had my iPod with me, but was sunk deep in disappointment […]

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There's always something

December 1, 2004

Just sitting on the coach back up to London from Dorset having popped home for the day to pick up a few essential items that I really didn't want to put the post, such as my passport, and to do a few things that I couldn't get done remotely, like fix my VNC server (thanks […]

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